Sunday, October 26, 2014

I've gotten a lot of ideas for social skills group sessions from Jill Kuzma.  Check out her blog.

One lesson that I put together was about "Social Filter."  This is a really important lesson for students with Autism or ADD.  They need to learn that the thoughts they think are ok, but what they say effects how others feel about them.  This is the whole concept of Social Thinking from Michelle Garcia Winner.

Check out my lesson plan for "Social Filter."

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Clothing and Table Manners Social Secrets

I am putting together a bunch of lessons on Social Secrets.  I started with Clothing and Table Manners.

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Vision and Learning information.

I find myself suggesting that parents get a vision therapy evaluation many times when I perform evaluations at school.  This is an often overlooked area that should be ruled out.  When I see a student tilting their head, resting their head on the table, and poor awareness of the bottom like when writing, it is a big red flag that vision processing may be an issue.

Check out the handout I made to explain the importance of vision in school.

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Brain Breaks

I have been creating social skills group lessons for work, and I wanted to share my lessons for those interested.

This lesson is on Brain Breaks.

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