Monday, December 15, 2014

Social Smarts

This is a worksheet meant for younger students.  Using ideas from Michelle Garcia Winner, it explains what "social smarts" are and when we use them.

Click on picture for printable lesson

Whole Body Listening

I am going to start teaching a Kindergartner some social thinking vocabulary.  She is a very visual learner.  I adapted some of Michelle Garcia Winner's information and picture to make up the following lesson to this student understand how she can listen with her whole body.

Click on picture for printable lesson

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Conversation Train

We have been working hard on conversation skills.  This is another lesson to practice conversation skills.  We discussed and brainstormed WHY conversation skills are important.  Some ideas the students came up with include:
- Making friends
- Getting ahead in a job
- Getting along with others

I'm really proud of the students for being able to generalize this information and put it into practice.  I made up a worksheet for them to practice this new knowledge.

Click on picture for printable worksheet.