Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Motion Sickness

Science Daily Article

This is very interesting.  When I was learning about Sensory Integration, I was taught that a slow moving visual stimulus elicits a vestibular response.  You have experienced this phenomenon when you are driving and you stop at a light next to a semi-truck or a bus.  When the light changes and the bus or truck starts moving, but you haven't moved yet, you feel like you are moving.  

This could explain why we need to strengthen children's visual skills.  As they have shown in this study, visual stimulation alone can make one feel motion sickness.  No direct stimulation to the inner ear has occurred.   More study needs to be done, but I have seen children that walk around as if they are on a boat when they are firmly on dry land.  A strengthened visual system should help them function more appropriately.  

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