Monday, April 20, 2009

Brain video

Jill Bolte Taylor

I have observed that a lot of the children I've worked with are always talking about what happened in the past, or what is about to happen in the future.  They have a hard time being in the present moment.  This shows a dominance of the left side of the brain.  This is not unusual because the right side of the brain is where sensory and emotions are processed.  

As a baby, your right hemisphere should be the dominant hemisphere.   All your experiences are either emotional or sensory.  For some reason, this development becomes disordered.  The brain has a hard time making sense of this emotional and sensory information.  Because of this, the left side of the brain takes over.

The left side is the rational, logical, math and science side of the brain.  It is also the side of the brain that has to do with past and future and sence of time.  This may be why we see children with sensory processing issues reading early or they can recite their alphabet at 2 years old.  These skills should come later, but because the sensory system is stressed out, it must discount the emotional and sensory information it is getting which is disorganized and move on to tasks which the child can more easily master.  

Using the Sensory Learning Program, we are making children more conscious of what is going on right NOW.  They are better able to take in the sensory information and process that information.  They are better able to see the whole picture.  No longer do they need to break experiences down in to their component parts.  (Spin wheels of the toy car rather than use the car on the road and drive.)

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